100.1 Structure
100.2 Capability

100.1 Structure

Bcgneeds is a United States Defense Contractor. The company offers Defense Articles and Defense Services to governments, military establishments, and corporations worldwide. The Company has eight divisions. Each division operates independently under its own D/B/A name and serves a different and particular industry.

100.2 Capability

On construction contracts, Bcgneeds has served both as a prime and subcontractor. On several product supplies and maintenance services, the company serves as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for some and Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO) for others. On all other product supplies or services, particularly those involving significant Supply Chain management, we are Wholesalers for some, and Distributors for others. For these reasons, Bcgneeds emphasizes licensure and offers extensive licensing, procurement, and maintenance advice and training to its clients. Bcgneeds is frequently called upon to take over and complete the performance of contracts in which the original contractors have breached their obligations because the contractors were unable to get a license. We have been continuously registered with the Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) for more than eleven (11) years. During this period, Bcgneeds has maintained a 100% success rate of procuring licenses in favor of its clients for import and export of Defense Articles and Defense Services. Our list of clients includes armies, navies and air forces.

Currently, we have licenses from the Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS), Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF), and Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives (BATFE). We believe our unbroken success rate for timely procuring licenses for our clients, tells more about our capabilities than any other units of measure. We do not think it necessary to showcase our capabilities by offering a long list of spare parts, rotables or consumables for which we are OEM, MRO, WHOLESALER, DISTRIBUTOR, or others for which we have REPAIR or other MAINTENANCE capabilities. The truism is: if you need Defense technologies and Defense Services, you probably need Bcgneeds!


Our philosophy is to help bridge the gap created by inequality and often obvious in the unequal distribution of mental and physical resources across regions and between people. In this plight, education, health, self-security, self-worth and national defense are our current focus.


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