140.1 ISR Services

140.2 Other general services

Sec. 140.1 ISR services

Bcgneeds is a member of a network of operators of manned and unmanned ISR platforms. In this capacity, the company knows, and access to, platforms with varying capabilities; access to platforms that can collect, process, disseminate, store, and maintain High-Resolution data for clients. We’re able to offer for lease or sale a full spectrum of ISR equipment or services including pilots, systems operators, aircraft maintenance, sensors and mission equipment, logistics support and site and program management. Other services include Multi-intelligence data collection, processing, exploitation, dissemination services include electro-optical infra-red (EO/IR), full-motion video (FMV), LIDAR, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), hyperspectral imagery (HSI), signals intelligence (SIGINT), and maritime patrol surface search radar.

Sec. 140.2 Other general services

(a) Licensing

(b) Contracts

(c) Procurement

(d) Supplies and maintenance


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