110.1 Law of technology transfer 

110.2 Technology transfer programs

110.3 Technology transfer devices

110.4 Technology transfer processing

110.1 Law of technology transfer

Bcgneeds conducts general seminars, organizes private instructional sessions for employees and staff, and offers classes to executives on the Arms Export Control Administration (AECA), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and other laws regulating international traffic in arms. We have developed specific programs for training military personnel including special forces, pilots, information technologists, supply chain management staff and maintenance mechanics. We have special programs to train and equip civilian security personnel. Our training and instructional staff are usually drawn from the best of former United States civilian employees and soldiers.

110.2 Technology transfer programs

We are entirely familiar with the programs offered by the United States Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA). We have successfully represented and helped clients obtain largely and sometimes almost free spares, equipment and vehicles under such DSCA programs as (i) Foreign Military Sales (FMS), (ii) Foreign Military Financing programs (FMF), (iii) International Military Education and Training (IMET), and (iv) Distribution of Excess Defense Articles to foreign countries. We rank ourselves among the top tier of suppliers of legacy spare parts, equipment and construction services to governments, military establishments and business entities in developing countries. We sponsor private demonstrative technology and information shows and offer decision-makers deeper insights on how effectively to approach and benefit from these programs.

110.3. Technology transfer devices

People, the world over, prefer American technology; but American technology is difficult and expensive to acquire. We are experts at gathering, documenting and drafting some of the most difficult papers called agreements that are necessary to facilitate and expedite the transfer of these valuable US-controlled technologies. Our vehicle is our expertise on the knowledge and use of such extant acronyms and terms as Direct Commercial Sales (DCS), Distribution Agreements (DA), Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA), Warehouse and Distribution Agreement (WDA), Manufacturing License Agreement (MLA), Strategic Trade Authorization (STA), Special Comprehensive License (SCL), etc. STORY: The 2016 US government guideline on how to prepare a TAA was 224 pages. The 224 pages did not include any of the actual and necessary information and data that must be uploaded, not to mention the technical and legal knowledge required to prepare the application.

110.4 Technology transfer processing

After drafting and submitting each application, we do not leave our clients to pursue approval of the draft. We do the post-drafting work also. Our compliance and lobby sections navigate our drafts through the approval process and literally walk each draft from one reviewing agency and agent to another until approved. Then we hold the feet of the US entity awarded the contract to the fire until it performs fully. So far, our success rate tells it all in eleven years, we have never had an application Denied or Returned Without Action (RWA). We like our success rate and want to keep it the same. STORY: Nearly 8 or so years ago, we offered a client the opportunity to assist it with the purchase of 12 Super Tucano ALX or (A-29) turboprop light attack aircraft. After a brief consideration, the client decided to go it alone. A year later, we made a slightly similar offer to a second client who accepted our offer and received our services. As at this writing, the second client tells us it has put approximately 200 hours of flight time on some of its 8 airframes. The first client has all of its 12 aircraft in an Embraer hanger, literally behind my own very backyard, in Jacksonville, Florida. None has been delivered.


Our philosophy is to help bridge the gap created by inequality and often obvious in the unequal distribution of mental and physical resources across regions and between people. In this plight, education, health, self-security, self-worth and national defense are our current focus.


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